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Meet Criminal Defense Attorney Kent Collins

Serving Lexington, Aiken, Newberry & Columbia, SC

People Like To Know…



What is it like working with me?


When working with me, what you see is what you get.


I’ve been told that I have a strong personality. I am brutally honest, and I won’t sugar coat the facts. That means I’m not afraid to ask and answer the hard questions when working on your case.


With that said, you should know that I’m still very approachable, non-judgmental and down to earth. In whatever situation my clients have found themselves in, I’m not here to judge or make them feel bad about themselves. My job is to help–because my clients have a lot at stake.


If you decide to work with me (and I hope you do), we’ll work closely together on your case. I’ll break down your situation into actionable solutions so that we can achieve the best outcome possible.



How do others describe you?


My friends and family would say that I’m dependable and caring. They’d probably remark on my dry sense of humor or the fact that I don’t put on airs.


Anyone on the other side of the courtroom would say I’m a force to be reckoned with–especially since I work well under pressure. Pretty much anyone who knows me would say I’m a stickler for integrity. I’m also a man of my word.



Do you have experience doing exactly what I need?


If what you need is a criminal defense attorney who will work diligently and methodically to get you the best possible outcome given your situation, then yes. I have extensive experience working in all areas of criminal defense including but not limited to:


  • Assault and Battery and
  • Criminal domestic violence (CDV),
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) and
  • Drug defense

I have private investigators who are retired narcotics officers. They can evaluate your case  from an officer’s point of view to help come up with your defense strategy.


The bottom line is that if you’re facing criminal charges I can help you.




Approximately how many cases have you handled?


I’ve handled thousands of state cases throughout my career–everything from misdemeanors to felonies and even murder cases.



What do you enjoy outside of work?


On weekends, I like spending time at the gun range for target practice. I’m also a video game enthusiast and love spending time at the beach.



What are your academics and achievements?


I’ve worked over seven years in private practice. Before that, I served as a prosecutor in Orangeburg and Lexington Counties. When I first got out of law school, I worked as a clerk for Circuit Court Judge Sidney Floyd.


I earned my law degree from Thomas Cooley Law School and went to Coastal Carolina University for my undergraduate years.


I currently serve as former county councilman for Lexington District Three.



Are you easy to reach?


Absolutely. My team and I are pretty much available 24/7. If you don’t reach someone right away, we’ll return your call as quickly as possible. We make ourselves available via cell phone, text message, email or even Facebook.


People’s top complaint about lawyers in general is that they’re a pain to get in touch with, so we make it as easy as possible to get ahold of us. We don’t want to give our clients a reason to complain.