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Let’s be honest. No one plans on being arrested and charged with a crime. It’s both terrifying and confusing. Not to mention, it’s one huge disruption to your life that comes with serious potential consequences.

So where do you turn?

Now, more than ever, you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the legal system and knows how to work within it to get you the best possible outcome. Someone like Kent Collins.

Kent is a former prosecutor and understands how both sides of the law work. That means he knows what to expect which is critical to building your defense.

For example, he knows…

  • The benefit of seeking a pretrial intervention (which may result in no conviction and expungement of your record).

  • Or the possibility of a plea bargain, which means you would face lesser penalties in a criminal case for pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

  • Or ultimately, Kent knows when we should take your case to trial and fight to defend you in a court of law.

People call Kent when they want to:

  • Avoid paying costly fines

  • Minimize (or possibly eliminate) jail time

  • Maintain their right to bear arms

  • Get their side of the story heard by the prosecutor, judge and jury

  • Protect their reputation within the community

  • Maintain their professional license and more

And they continue to call on him when they’re facing charges for property crimesassault & battery, drugs, DUI, shoplifting, burglary, sex offenses, violating probation, murder or most any other type of criminal offense in South Carolina.

Clients have said:

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Awesome Lawyer!

Kent you are an awesome lawyer thanks for all that you did for me when i needed you the most !!


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Very Knowledgeable!

I truly want to thank Kent Collins from the bottom of my heart, with his knowledge in criminal law. I was facing losing my career And livelihood I built over the past ten years. Mr. Collins was extremely helpful and understanding to my situation and he dedicated a lot of time to my case and didn’t charge me a fortune to do so. If anyone is facing charges and need an attorney that is knowledgeable and is reasonable in price, I would strongly recommend Kent Collins. He truly goes to bat for his clients.


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Very Honest and Caring

I have known Kent Collins for almost eight years. Kent represented my son when he got into trouble with the law. I found him to be a very honest and caring person, besides being a fantastic lawyer. It’s very difficult when you have someone that has a-problem and gets into trouble. Kent sure helped to lessen the burden.  Can’t thank you enough. God bless you!

Brenda B.

Know what you’re facing.

“Other’s have said my approach to criminal defense is unique and that I’m brutally honest.  Some might even argue that I’m not for everyone. Maybe so, but when your future’s at stake, you need to know what you’re up against.”

-Kent Collins

Five Reasons To Hire Kent

  1. He will work hard to understand everything happening in your case.
  2. He has many years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.
  3. He will answer all your questions–even the most difficult.
  4. He will strive for the best possible resolution to your case.
  5. He makes himself available via cell phone, text message, email… even Facebook.

How You’ll Feel as His Client

  • In the loop. As Kent’s client, you’ll always know where your case stands, what he needs from you and what he’s going to do next.
  • Armed with knowledge. He’ll translate the legal jargon. You’ll know what your options are, the risk involved and he’ll suggest the best course of action given your situation.
  • In control. Kent’s job to advise you, not control you. He won’t do anything without talking with you first.
  • At ease. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that you have someone in your corner that can provide you with sound advice and speak on your behalf. Especially if we go to trial.


What To Look For

With so many criminal defense attorneys out there, how do you pick the right one? Here are some things to look out for when you speak to various attorneys about taking you on as a client:

  • Hire an attorney who has dealt with cases like yours.
  • Be wary of attorneys who make big promises.
  • Make sure an attorney has time for you. If they don’t have time to call you back, how are they going to have time to work on your case?
  • Choose an attorney who is willing to go to trial if need be.

Kent has the experience and know-how to get you the best possible outcome for your case. He’ll tell you the straight truth about your case. And if your case needs to go to trial, he’ll be there by your side.

One more thing…

If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, don’t waste time. With each passing minute, the prosecution is building its case against you. No matter how severe or how minor the charge, an experienced criminal defense attorney can advise you of your rights and options and see to your best interests before a judge and jury.

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Great Attorney

Kents Collins is a great attorney. His years of experience has helped him establish relationships with people through out the justice system, enabling him to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients.



I was a skeptic at first. He told me to trust him. "There is a method to my madness " he told me. And bam! He was correct. He got my case dismissed. Thank you Mr. Collins!

Will, Client


Over the years Kent has assisted me with several legal matters and his performance has always been solid and sound. Being someone who has a record, I know it wasn't always easy for Kent, but let me just say he has helped me overcome several legal hurdles successfully. Perhaps the most important thing he did for me was help me resolve a licensing issue with the LLR, and enabled me to have a successful and productive career. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is need of solid legal counsel!


The Right Decision

I had found myself in a bad situation and I hired Kent Collins as my lawyer, I will have to say that I made the right decision as hiring Kent’ Kent worked hard on my case and to this day I’m Grateful’ Thank you Sir


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