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Need a DUI Lawyer in Lexington, SC?

Perhaps you were legally drunk, or maybe you had just a drink or two and felt fine to drive. Regardless of the circumstances, you’re now facing DUI charges in SC, and need a DUI lawyer in Lexington, SC.

A DUI lawyer should be someone who is familiar with the area.  Kent Collins, Lexington DUI Attorney has practiced in this area his entire career and is familiar with SC DUI Laws.  As a former prosecutor, DUI lawyer Kent Collins, has a unique perspective which allows him to look at your case from a different angle to give you a full analysis of your case.  This experience is not something that all DUI attorneys can claim.

Arrested for DUI in SC? What now?

An arrest for drunk driving or driving under the influence (often called DUI) in South Carolina is a serious criminal charge. Unfortunately, a conviction could impact your finances, your mobility, your freedom–even your ability to get or keep a job.

Many people who find themselves in this situation make the mistake of going it on their own. But you cannot fight a DUI charge like a speeding ticket. The consequences of a DUI conviction are not only costly, but could include:

  • Significant fines,
  • Loss of your job or professional license,
  • Higher automobile insurance rates,
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Jail time

People who’ve been charged with DUI in Lexington, Columbia, Aiken, Newberry and surrounding areas call Kent because they want to minimize or possibly eliminate the impact of these consequences.


They know that working with Kent means they’re getting someone who:

  • Has been both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer and therefore uniquely understands both sides of the law
  • Communicates clearly and directly to help you not only understand potentially confusing legal jargon, but also the reality of your situation
  • Tunes into key details in order to create the best defense strategy possible
  • Works with you, keeping you in the loop so that you know exactly where you are in the process, what’s next and your responsibilities

Do you really need a DUI Lawyer?

Absolutely. You need a DUI attorney who understands South Carolina’s drunk driving laws and your rights under those laws. Your DUI attorney should help navigate the complexities of defending yourself against a DUI in court.

Kent Collins has helped many in our community understand their legal rights during the DUI process. He is an experienced DUI lawyer in Lexington, SC who will provide a solid defense for you based on the facts of your case, including your blood alcohol level, possible errors or mistakes made by the arresting officer or the prosecution, the video recording of your arrest, and other factors that may impact the case.

Second or third offense DUI? dON’T CHANCE IT.

There is much more at stake for you, your future, and your family if you have been charged with a second or third offense DUI. A second or third offense if convicted may result in minimum jail time and hefty fines, depending on your blood alcohol level and the number of previous DUI convictions. In such cases, you should seek immediate legal representation.

If you have pled guilty or been convicted of a DUI in the past, now is not the time to take chances. Kent Collins serves people seeking a DUI lawyer in Aiken, Newberry, Columbia, Lexington, SC.


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“I found Kent’s knowledge and experience in matters of law to be the determining factor in solving my legal issue.”


“I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Kent. He handled my case quickly and professionally. I would reccomend him to anyone!!”


“Mr. Collins exceeded my expectations by far! I have needed his services more than once and I couldn’t be more thankful for how much he has helped me!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a DUI a felony or misdemeanor in SC?

A first offense is usually a misdemeanor; however, injuries to another person can bump up the charge to a felony.

What if this is my 2nd or 3rd DUI?

The fines, jail sentences and other penalties increase with 2nd and 3rd offenses.

What if I refused the breathalyzer test?

You have the right to refuse a breathalyzer test, but your driver’s license will be immediately suspended for at least 6 months. However, you maybe able to get a temporary alcohol restricted license (TARL) that will allow you to drive. Speak with Kent and he can explain your options.

What if my license is suspended?

If your license is suspended, do not drive. Getting caught driving with a suspended license will only compound your legal troubles. Click here to find out if your driver’s license has been suspended.

If convicted, will I need an interlock ignition device?

This depends on the circumstances of your charge. If you refused a breathalyzer test or registered a .15 blood alcohol level on a breathalyzer test, South Carolina law requires you to install an interlock ignition device in your vehicle. It must have the ability to take your picture to prevent someone else from starting your vehicle for you.

What does it cost to hire a DUI attorney?

There is no set price for a DUI attorney because each case is different. The cost of retaining a lawyer is just one of several costs associated with a DUI charge. Fines and court costs come with a DUI conviction.

Where is the courthouse?

If you were charged in Richland county, your court hearing will likely be at one of the following places:

If you were charged in Lexington county, your hearing will be here:


Get your case evaluated by a real attorney at no cost to you.