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Kent is a AWESOME LAWYER!! YES we would hire him again, Yes I Recommend him to y’all, YES, he answers all your questions and returns phone calls. If your locked up YES he makes time to see you, not once but twice, even 3 to 4 times or more, depending.. He gave my son the time of day, Kent went to Lexington County to talk with him on his own Birthday.. Now what Attorney can you find and stops on his way home at Lexington County to see his client on his BIRTHDAY? NONE, except for Kent Collins. He’s straight up front with you, he tells you what could happen just by talking at first and not reading reports, my son’s end result was better than what we as a family predicted. His secretary Kelly is a 5***** too, She knows her shit!! She’s so smart, she puts others to shame, She knows a lot of people and sometimes she can pull some strings for your advantage.. She’s so awesome!!! They’re a great team, your loss if you don’t hire them, I can promise you that!!! 5*****