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Kent is the best

Kent is the best. I had my doubts at first because my case was extremely difficult. I’ve been in and out if trouble since my early twenties. 7 arrests for DUI, convicted of two prescription fraud, credit card fraud, distribution 1 and 2, manufacturing 1 and 2, weapons missions, hit and run, assault and 1 & 2. I cut my monitor off and went to Florida for rehab against my probation officers wishes. I conspired by selling drugs, distribution 2 possessions and PWID two weeks apart. I got 2 years for the probation violation. Time served for 265 days so 5 months and when I got out I went to court for my distribution charges and PWID. I got judge Kiesley. I didn’t trust Kent that it was the best idea to go in front of him He gave me time served. Kent got me 5 months total for 7 years hanging over my head plus 15-20 for other charges possibly more. He is the rising defense attorney in the Lexington Columbia area He is the next Jack Swerling and God rest his soul stands tall to Jim Leventis. And if you knew him that’s saying something. Oh and he got me a job when I got out of prison I know he truly cares about me and saw my potential to be better woman and mother